Convert your petrol scooter to electric and save upto 50% on fuel costs every month.

Reserve now by paying ₹499 to avail special launch price and discount!

Reservation amount is fully refundable, no questions asked.

Benefits of a Retrofit scooter:

Save upto 50% per month on fuel
Swappable batteries with stations every 2 km
1.2 kW motor with a 2kWhr battery pack
60 kmph top speed with a range of 50 km

How does a Retrofit Scooter work?

Just like your regular scooter. Instead of refueling your tank every time, replace the drained or low battery with a new one with the help of over 200+ swapping stations located across Bengaluru.

Our app alerts you whenever the battery is low. Simply find your nearest battery swapping station on the app - usually located within a 2 km radius, and swap.

Why should you Retrofit your Scooter?

Smart way to revive your old scooter.
Eco-friendly solution to address your daily commute needs.
Economical, given the relentless fuel hikes.
No more fumes.
Lower maintenance costs

How do I get started?

Reserve your kit

Reserve your slot by clicking on the button above

We will schedule your appointment

We will call you to schedule an appointment

Vehicle Picked up

Our executive will pick up your vehicle from your location

Retrofitting Process Completed

Our trained technicians will carry out the retrofitting activity

Vehicle Delivered

Your newly Retrofitted scooter is delivered to your doorstep. We will also train you on the mechanics of your new EV!

Retrofit Scooter Savings Calculator

Petrol Vehicle
Electric Vehicle
₹ {{costOfFuelPv}}
Cost of fuel/charging
₹ {{costOfFuelEv}}
₹ {{maintainancePricePv}}
Maintenance Cost
₹ {{maintainancePriceEv}}
₹ {{annualExpPv}}
Total Expenditure
₹ {{annualExpEv}}
Wow! Your total savings with EV - INR {{totalSavings}}

Your EMI v/s savings

20 Kms Per Day Commute 30 Kms Per Day Commute 40 Kms Per Day Commute 50 Kms Per Day Commute 60 Kms Per Day Commute 80 Kms Per Day Commute 100 Kms Per Day Commute
Petrol Retrofit Petrol Retrofit Petrol Retrofit Petrol Retrofit Petrol Retrofit Petrol Retrofit Petrol Retrofit
Kms per Day 20 20 30 30 40 40 50 50 60 60 80 80 100 100
Fuel cost per unit 105 80 105 80 105 80 105 80 105 80 105 80 105 80
Mileage 35 55 35 55 35 55 35 55 35 55 35 55 35 55
Total Kms per Month 600 600 900 900 1200 1200 1500 1500 1800 1800 2400 2400 3000 3000
Cost per month 1800 873 2700 1309 3600 1745 4500 2182 5400 2618 7200 3491 9000 4364
Savings per Month 927 1391 1855 2318 2782 3709 4636
EMI Per Month 899 899 899 899 899 899 899
Savings after deducting EMI 28 492 956 1419 1883 2810 3737

In Press

This could cost you INR 27,000.

The retrofitted scooter comes with a swappable battery. So when we hand over the scooter after the conversion, it will have a fully charged battery. Once the battery reaches a low charge, you can swap the existing battery with a new fully charged battery at any of our swapping stations in Bengaluru.

We have a total of 150+ battery swapping stations in Bengaluru. That is basically one swapping station every 2kms!

Upon conversion of the scooter, we will provide you with an app that will show you the location of our swapping stations. You can simply find the nearest station and reach there in no time.

You can remove the existing battery by opening the boot of your scooter, return it to the swapping station representative, scan the QR code to make payment for the new charged battery, fit the battery to the scooter and the process is complete.

It will take you not more than 2 mins to swap a battery at any of our swapping stations.

Our expert technicians will remove the petrol engine from the chassis of your scooter, install the electric kit which will have a rear-wheel mounted hub motor, fit a fully charged battery, conduct thorough testing and hand over the scooter to you.

Yes, Zuink will provide a warranty on the retrofit kit and the installation process

It will cost you anywhere between INR 85 per battery swap.

The Zuink Retrofit kit will give your scooter a top speed of 60 kmph.

Yes, we offer an EMI program where you can pay as low as INR 999 per month.

We have started taking pre-bookings now. The installations will start from the 15th of Dec 2021. If you want to be a part of the first set of customers to retrofit your scooter, we request you to pre-book now!

It is a 1.6 KWh motor with a peak of 2.2 KWh. It is a rear wheel mounted hub motor. Top speed of 60 kmph.

It takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge a battery, but that burden is not on you for now.

Currently, we are only offering an option to rent the battery, we will come up with a battery ownership plan soon. You can upgrade easily, don’t worry.

Bounce is offering an AMC package at the time of converting the scooter which will be valid for a period of 2 years from the date of converting the scooter. This will be an add-on to the purchase price.

No, the AMC package will cost you extra for now. The price of the AMC will be communicated to you at the time of conversion. Do not worry, it will definitely cost you way less than a petrol scooter.

You book an appointment with us, on the date of the appointment, our representative will visit your address, fill out some paperwork and pick up your scooter, he will bring the scooter to our certified retrofit center, we will carry out the conversion process and deliver the scooter to you at your doorstep.

We will return it to you. If it is old, we will scrap the engine after seeking due permission and completing due formalities.

General service, electrical checks, motor check etc and replacement of wear and tear parts as per service manual which we will issue.

Yes, the kits are ARAI approved and legal.

Yes, you can. Make sure you remove the battery during a wash for additional safety.

Original RC and sign some paperwork for authorising conversion and re-registration of the scooter (The RTO will get a new white on green number plate with a new Reg no)


The vehicle will come with an RSA coverage within city limits.

It will weigh lighter than before. Yes, you can tow it.

Same working hours as the petrol pumps (excluding the 24hr petrol pumps)